Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Date a Theta

So my friend and I were talking about our greed houses and how much cooler mine is than his. (well at least that is what I was saying...) So since we were at work and not doing much, he looked up my sorority on Urban, an interesting place. This is what it said under Kappa Alpha Theta:

The most classy and fabulous group of sorority girls you will ever meet. Not only are they beautiful, smart, and funny, but they have charisma and grace. Where other sororities falter, you can always count on Theta to set the bar higher!!!


When my son first left for college,

his dad gave him advice for life:

you can date each and every Kappa

But bring home a THETA for a wife.

You can party with the Tri-Delts,

and it's fine to date a Zeta,

but when it's time to marry,

be sure to find a THETA

Chi O's can be on your agenda,

and Pi Phi's are fun for a date,

but never, ever forget

that you'll want a THETA as your mate.

We want you to enjoy your college years

and give all the sororities a spin.

But never buy a ring unless

KAPPA ALPHA THETA is on her pin.

During your four years of college,

you'll go from one house to another,

but take the advice of your smiling ol'dad

and bring home a THETA to your mother.

The first Greek letter fraternity for women is only Kappa Alpha Theta!!!
Here are some of my Theta sisters! :D I love us!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I had heard from many people that there is life after FFA. I didn't believe it.... I was also told that state office wasnt' everything, that it wouldn't even be one of the greatest things I did. I also didn't believe that... well I still don't really... BUT I have found out that life REALLY DOES GO ON! Now our state conference was just last week, but lets just say I was preparing for having so much extra time after conference was over ahead of time. I knew I would need something to keep me busy. SOOOOOOO... I ran for a spot on our student government's senate here at the University of Idaho.
My friend, Stephen Parrott, and I decided to run our campaigns together. (Yes he is also one of my state officer teammates) Another one of our friends (also a former FFA member) who loves photography volunteered to take pictures and put together these little things for us that were displayed on Facebook. I think they are kind of cool. (even though Stephen and I feel we weren't the most photogenic that day...)

Anyways, we didn't campaign very hard because we were getting ready for our state conference and doing all that FFA stuff, but we still put forth a small amount of effort. We hanged two banners, talked to people, made a Facebook group, and told our friends to say good things. For the most part, we relied on word of mouth.
The results were announced last night. I did receive a seat on the Associated Students of the University of Idaho Senate. Stephen, however, did not. It's okay though. He is currently in a board position as the Director of Community Relations, and is perfectly fine with keeping that job a bit longer! Also, Samantha Perez, my good friend from high school (and FFA buddy), won a seat on senate!
Long story short, there is a life after FFA. I was Madame Reporter for Idaho FFA, now I'm Senator Clark for ASUI. I think that is something I can deal with.... :D
(Please note though, most everyone I mentioned was also involved in FFA. So even though we've outgrown the jacket, we'll never outgrow the experiences we had and people we met.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Joining the PSO Club... Now I'm a Has-Been

For the past year my life has been consumed by the FFA Organization. The Idaho FFA Association to be exact, as I served as the Idaho FFA Reporter for 2008-2009. This past week was our State Leadership Conference. It was so much fun! We, the state officers, got to go on business and industry tours before the conference started, we were on a local radio show, we got to run the conference, gave out awards, gave our retiring addresses, and installed the new team of officers. Then we were given our PSO pin- Past State Officer. It was a LOT of fun, yet a little sad.
Here is my team outside of Idaho Milk Products that we were doing a business and industry tour at when the fire alarm went off. So we posed with the firetruck. No worries, it was kind of a false alarm. Better safe than sorry though, right!?
From left to right we have, Kelsey Day, President. Above here is Katie Mosman, Secretary. Then Whitney Tuckett, Treasurer. Stephen Parrott, Vice President. Kristin Myers, Sentinel. Laura Ann Clark, Reporter (That's me!)
Throughout the conference (that lasted 6 sessions spread out over 3 days) we as officers give our retiring address. Basically, it's out moment in the spotlight. The final speech we give as officers trying to inspire others, and let people know how we were inspired. After we give our retiring address we take off our jacket and hang it up. Here we all are after the 6th and final session, officially retired. (Jealous I can say I retired before the age of 20!?! haha!)
Here is the team after the conference, in regular clothes (it was sadder changing out of my blue corduroy jacket than you think. Pretty sure I cried. Well I cried all week practically. haha, we all did, even Stephen, our lone man. Even in our plain clothes though, we still got to hold up our banner that we all signed after the conference. Our Theme this year was, "Dream, Dare, DO". Those are the little words in the stars above the guy on the banner. We really enjoyed our theme, and our year to leave a mark on the FFA.
And now I have to show off my really cool Gonzaga shirt! My blonde buddy, Kristin, goes to Gonzaga and we all tease her constantly and try to get her to come back to the University of Idaho where she should be with us. So she got all of the team a Gonzaga T-shirt! haha, we love it! It was the first shirt all of us wore after we took off official dress.
Finally, here is a little video of what is called our Final Tribute. Feel free to check it out. It has lot of pictures of us throughout our year and each officer takes time to thank the people who have made the biggest difference in our lives. It is a long video, but kind of fun to flip through for a minute or two. (My tribute part is the second part, so like 2/6 of the way through! :D)

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me and my team throughout the year. Mostly thanks to all the Idaho FFA Members who made this year worth it! Thanks for being there and welcoming us to all of the events you guys had. I hope that we have inspired at least one of you the way that you all have inspired and touched us. Thanks!