Monday, November 10, 2008

~Roller Disco~

So this past Saturday I went to a Roller Disco! My friend James from the Fraternity next door, Theta Chi, asked me to come along with him. So of course I said yes! (Who turn down dressing up like you're from the 70's and then go roller skating!!!) Friday we went shopping at Goodwill and Ross to find us some fabulous 70's clothes! Here is what we found:
My $2 sunglasses and $8 dress
Not sure how much his stuff was, but yes, those are girl dress pants!!! Ha ha!!!

Then here we are the roller rink skating the night away!!! (I think we skated until 12:30!!!)

Here are some girls in my house... and one really confident Theta Chi Boy!

These are all of the Kappa Alpha Theta girls who went to the Roller Disco! (And a guy in sparkly nylons who somehow snuck into the picture...)
And here is whole group of us! It was a pretty fun and exciting night!!!