Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GuEsS wHo Is FiNaLlY 18!?!

That's right- I am now officially 18!!! I guess that means that I'm all grown up and mature... Ha! Yah right! But I can at least say I'm an adult now!
That's the 18 year old me! :) Don't I look so mature... hee hee!!!

For a present I got bows... yes big shiny gift bows... placed on gifts that I had received for Christmas/Graduation/Birthday (my laptop) and my other graduation/birthday/throwing me our of the house present (my AMAZING luggage).

And these are my two dates, Rhett and Cody, who so kindly kidnapped me and dressed me up ridiculously with a sign on me that said something like "Honk! I just turned 18 today!" and paraded me around Rexburg blindfolded so I had no clue what I looked like... It was pretty funny I have to admit. Afterwards they took me to play pool and get ice cream! Well worth it! Ha ha! It was a fun day! And now, I am an adult!!! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

State Career Development Events in Moscow

Sometimes I feel as though I am bragging about myself on this blog, and I think I should stop- then I realize that is pretty much what these blogs are for! I brag about me, you tell me congrats, then I look at your blog where you brag about you and I tell you congrats! That realization made me feel so much better about telling everyone this:


I have now been an Idaho FFA State Officer for approximately two months. While in that position I have been able to attend BLAST Off (state officer training) and attend a few of the local Chapter Banquets where I was honored by being asked to speak to the crowd on a few moments notice. (It's a good think I actually like stuff like that, and I had prepared for that to happen!) Last week, however, was the State Officer Team's first BIG event- and I loved it!

On Sunday morning I departed here and picked up our our State President, Kelsey Day, then continued onward to Terreton where we meet our State Treasurer Whitney Tuckett. From there we headed out to Salmon and met up with the State Office Coordinator, Jessie Kellogg. The
four of us then headed right on up to Moscow, ID. It was a long drive, but we had fun being the chipper group of gals we are!

On Monday, we got up and prepared ourselves for an exciting day of Business and Industry Tours! My first thought when they told we had to go tour different businesses and listen to people drone on about what they do for a living was "BORING!" Ohhh Boy... I was wrong! We had a lot of fun! Here are the 5 girls on our team of 6 officers (there is only one boy- poor kid!) We are at the Appaloosa Horse Club riding the stick ponies! Hee hee!!!

We also were able to go to Northwest River Supply where we toured their large warehouse and we learned a lot about rafting and river gear! It was pretty awesome! Then our final tour of they day was the University of Idaho. I was pretty excited about that because that is where I'll be attending school this fall, and I just can't wait!!! Here are the 5 female officers again- now with Joe Vandal- the UI Mascot!!!

Tuesday consisted of our Welcome Back BBQ and Opening Ceremonies and our Orientation Meeting! The BBQ is put on by the University of Idaho, and the rest is conducted by the State Officers. I had a lot of fun doing my part of the opening ceremonies. "The Reporter is stationed by the Flag..." It's a pretty cool script in my opinion- most any FFA member would agree!

Wednesday Morning we took a lot of pictures! Here are the crazy group of Rigby kids (that's my chapter!) and myself- thanks for the bunny ears Ryan... ha ha!!! After they took a group picture of the majority of the 740 people in attendance, I headed off to help oversee the Livestock Evaluation Event. There I was able to socialize with many people and watch a lot of cows, pigs, and sheep as kids examined them to place in different classes. It really was fun to watch!

Also, throughout the week we played a few activities! We played pool, twister, cards, trivia games, basketball, a few other random things, and my favorite- beach volleyball (in the sand)!
The Melba Chapter had a lot of fun with the sand and even made a lovely sandcastle for us all to enjoy! I just love the crazily creative people you can find in the FFA!

Thursday consisted of a lot of the same tasks- help oversee events, take lots of pictures, meet awesome new people, play volleyball and other games, and so on. But- I was also able to compete in one of my favorite events! Now if you are not familiar with some of the things that the FFA does, then you may want to brace yourself for this! My favorite event that I was able to participate in was the Meats CDE. Yes, I judge meat. In this event we have to ID 30 cuts of meat- beef, pork, and lamb. (I know about 116 cuts of meat very well, FYI) then we get to look at 3 classes of carcasses and rank them. Also we do two classes of retail cuts, and we yield and quality grade some beef carcasses also! And one of the highlights of it all- we get to wear these nifty outfits! ha ha!
After the Meats Evaluation Event, the Troy FFA Chapter hosts a dance. Although the state officers were all late, and had to leave early- you know, with all the official stuff we have to do (hee hee!) we had plenty of fun and danced up a storm!!! After leaving the dance we headed over to the Ag Education Office where we put together packets, went over all of the results, and practiced for our awards ceremony and closing ceremonies the next morning. We got finished there, went back to our dorms and packed, then got ready for bed. I hit the sheets at around 2:00 a.m. just to wake up at 5:00 a.m. so I could get ready, finish packing, and out the door by 6:30a.m. Our awards meeting started at 8:00 a.m. Here you can see me announcing some of the winners! Too bad it's a bit blurry...
We made it through our presentations in under two hours! (That's like record time!) After finishing up there, we jumped on a bus with our chapters and headed home. Nine hours later- I was home! Boy, I sure did miss my bed! :) But really it was a great week! I am just absolutely amazed at all the great things I have been able to do in the FFA- and am so grateful that I have had these opportunities! Another great thing to kick off the end of my senior year... :)

(The Moscow Sunset... where I'll be in about two months every night!!!! How exciting!!!!)