Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I Love My Car!!!

First of all I have to say that buying a car was the best investment I have ever made thus far in my life- I love it and the freedom it allows me!
So last weekend was the Clark Family Reunion. Saturday morning everyone packed up and hurried home for a nice shower and a good nap. I had the same mindset- however my friend Jessica called when I got home and asked if I would like to come see her that night. This summer, Jessica has moved to Jackson Hole to work for the Bar J Wranglers and Chuckwagon. She has been living in a small camp trailer with an older lady, and really didn't know many people her age. Also I hadn't seen Jessica for a while, and thought that may be the last opportunity I get until Thanksgiving, so I agreed to go stay the night with her. So after my shower, I packed up again and drove over the pass into Jackson.That night we went to a Rodeo! It was pretty fun! Then we went and walked around the touristy part of Jackson Hole. It was fun just to look at stuff and watch people. We had a really fun time!
The next morning, Sunday, we went to her little singles branch. It was really neat to see so many young adults running Relief Society and Sunday School!!! I have never been to a singles branch before, but I have to say it was a good experience!! It was a really pretty trip and a fun drive! I just love the mountains and trees- and like I said, I love the freedom my car gives me!

~Fun with Braden~

Okay, so it has been a while since I've updated my blog- Sorry about that but I think everyone knows how life can be a whirlwind of non stop action then suddenly you realize that WOW! Summer is almost over! YIKES! But anyways....

So a couple of weeks ago, Grandma Clark had a visitor come and stay for a week. While he was here he got to hang out with me and be my little buddy a lot. Luckily for Braden, I made sure to take a few pictures of our good times! The first night we slept out on the trampoline (sorry no pics of that!)

Then one of the days Braden helped us chase and load some of the cows to take up to the ranch.

Braden really liked to blow the horn on the semi- especially when I was standing in front of it!

When we got the the ranch, he got to ride the four wheeler!

Then one night we even lit off a bunch of fire works with Jayden!
Braden was also able to go with Jayden and his dad camping, hang out with grandma, made some money pulling weeds, and went to get a treat at the co-op! It was lots of fun to spend some time with my younger cousins! Thanks for coming Braden!!!