Sunday, February 1, 2009

So I've been told that I never update my blog so people can't keep tabs on me. Well I don't think it'd be fun to see pics of my studying my little heart out, going to classes, and working. Since I don't do too much else (besides FFA, but I have already let you all see a lot of that I suppose) so I decided to go find some random pics on Facebook, (yah, I know, pathetic) that I have been tagged in from other peoples pictures and put some of them up some explainations! So here it goes!

This picture was actually taken earlier this year, in October I do believe. This was the night that we after our Big/Little night. For those of you who may not know what that is, it's a Greek thing. In the Sororities and Fraternities up here there are a lot of people. So after being in the house for a while, everyone kind of gets to everyone else- our sisters. We then get placed with "Big Sisters". (Different houses have different ways of putting people together.) You get your Big after being the house for a little while. So next year when we get new freshmen coming in, I will get my "Little Sister". Here in this picture we had all just found out who our Bigs are. My big is Ashley (Not in this picture). She is super nice and I love her! The girl next to me in the grey hoodie is my "Twin Sister"! Basically, my big got two littles! And just like real family's, we have a family tree. The other girls in the picture are cousins and second cousins! (Complex, I know, but it's my Greek family tree!)

This picture has more of my family in it! This is most of us that are still in house, or on campus. My pic is the girl right behind me. Her Big (My Big Big- like a grandma I suppose) is right next to her in the brown jacket. And some of my aunts are in there and more cousins!

Here we have a picture of some of the gals at a sisterhood activity. We are in our dinning room painting bed tags. (We sleep on "sleeping porches". basically its a big room with lots of bunk beds in it) That way we can know who sleeps where if we have to find someone or wake them up!
This is me and Amanda!

This picture is actually very recent. I'm actually thinking this was Friday night... so two nights ago. We went out that night to a fraternity- Alpha Kappa Lambda. For some reason I look like I just stepped out of the 80's. haha!! It was super fun!
From left to right we have, on the back row- Karen Margaret, Emily, Michelle, and Amanda. On the front row there is ME! and Montanna. (Yes that is her real name.)

This picture has nothing to do with my sorority, but I was tagged by Kristin and I love it. For one of our more recent FFA events last month our state officer team went on some business and industry tours. At the United Dairymen of Idaho they gave us milk. Kristin and I were really excited to get a dairy product in our favorite color, PINK! Yahoo for the blondes on the team! haha!

So hopefully I will have something fun to update you all with here in the new future! But until, maybe this random pictures from facebook think will work out! I had fun finding and explaining them anyways!