Friday, December 19, 2008

"Oh so this one time on a chapter visit..."

Every time I say that phrase I get laughed at. My roommates and all my friends say that it's one of my often used phrases. It how I start out most of all my stories. So I decided to start this entire post out the same way!

For being a state officer for FFA I get a lot of really great opportunities. One of which is doing chapter visits. I get to go around to various high schools that have FFA programs and put on workshops for the students. A lot of the workshops I do are about the FFA Organization, and the great opportunities involved. One of my other favorite workshops is about communication. It gets students involved, and never fails to get everyone laughing. Not only do I get to meet lots of awesome people and do all this fun stuff, I get to travel with some of my favorite people!!! (The other state officers!!!!) So here are some pictures of what I do on my chapter visits:

Oh the joys off the FFA, and my amazing chapter visits that I so enjoy... maybe next post I'll tell about how Stephen, Mr. Vice President, got us lost on our way to a chapter visit. ha ha!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

College 101: Random Road Trips

So this past weekend my friend Stephen, a fellow FFA State Officer, and I decided to take off to Seattle for the weekend to get away and have some fun (while working on a little FFA stuff if we were to get the chance). We took of Friday after our last class, went and stayed with some of his relatives, and got back around midnight on Sunday night. Check out some of our adventures!

First off, the Ferry:

Second, we have Idaho kids in the BIG CITY:
See that lit up sign in the background? After further inspection we realized what that was....
Finally, our sushi experiment:
(this may have needed a post of it's own! haha!)
I have Uncle Brian and Aunt Kathi to thank for this delightful opportunity at Sushi Land in Renton. Oh what an adventure.... Here goes the first bite of... who knows what!?!

As you can likely guess... whatever that was that we put in our mouths was... interesting to say the least. Somehow Stephen managed to swallow it quickly (maybe whole!?) But a good 5 minutes later this was still me....
Lets just say that was really really really chewy!!!
Here is me, failing at using chopsticks, so I used my fingers to place the sushi on the chopsticks... I'm a white girl (one of the four white people, and the only blonde in the entire restaurant not to mention) who was raised on a cattle ranch people!!! So you can just cut me some slack!
This dish was better consumed without viewing...
Oh and Aunt Kathi... she's not a fan of sushi....

Overall, it was a great weekend! If only I had pictures of me driving and freaking out in 5 or 6 lanes of traffic, Stephen attempting to calm me down while giving directions and figuring out the map, us eating Tai food the night previous our sushi dinner, our reaction to a 9 story Macy's department store, us finding the ferries, and Pikes Place Market. But after this little trip, it got me thinking... taking off on random road trips is a pretty good idea.... next trip NEW YORK CITY!!!! (ha ha... I wish...)