Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Final Hoo-rah Before Classes Begin!!!

After getting into our sororities, we had the opportunity to go camping!!! And of course by camping I mean cabins with beds, showers, and flushing toilets- we are sorority girls now... ha ha! I'm totally kidding, we are not that stuck up- but we did have nice cabins. :) However, the best part was the lake!!! We got to go swimming, and play on the slide, and BLOBBING!!! It was really fun and we got to know the other girls in the house- like all 80 of them- so it was a lot of fun! Plus it was over the final weekend before school started... So we soaked up some sun, and relaxed with no pressure to learn and were lazy!! Woohoo!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

~SoRoRiTy GiRl~

So, as most people know, I am now a Vandal at the University of Idaho!!! I left home on the 14th of this month and moved up to Moscow. I chose to go through rush, and live the sorority life!!! So for the week I lived in the dorms. My favorite part of the dorms, besides when we finally left them, was this nifty little window...

Yup, that is the girl living next door... from my room, and then from her room. Quite the window if it connects our rooms like so! We had fun with it... she would steal my pillow from me through this widow, it was pretty funny!

Throughout the week we were able to do many activities with our rush group. We played outside a lot!

This is my rush group on the final day, we were all in pretty dresses!!!

And the best of rush, BY FAR, was actually getting into a house! I would now like to say that I am in the Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter!!!!! Yes, I am a Theta!!! And I'm loving it! This is my new house!
This is our entry way and formal sitting room, I really love it!And this is the door to my room!!! There are three other girls in it with me!

So now that I have a place to live, it's time to find my classes.... OYE!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The past week I was able to attend NLCSO and JSL... to many those simple abbreviation may mean just letters. But to FFA State Officers, it means two weeks of SOOO MUCH FUN!!! National Leadership Conference for State Officers is, as the name states, a conference for FFA State Officers across this lovely nation! This conference is held in regions, ours being the Western Region and Idaho was this years host. So I was in Boise all week to attend this. While there my FFA State Officer team developed as a team, bonded, and planned great stuff for Idaho!

JSL stands for Joint Student Leadership. All of the Idaho Professional Technical Education Clubs' state officers were in attendance. This is inclusive of FFA, Skills USA, BPA, DECA, FCCLA, TSA, and HOSA. We were able to learn about other student organizations and work with our team some more. It was a lot of fun!!