Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wow... I haven't written for awhile... so I guess it really is time for a quick update!
First of all, I'm back at college in Moscow at the University of Idaho. YAY! I still live in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. It's nice to be back up here with all my friends. Also I'm a senator on our student government this year. So far, I've loved it! It's been great! Oh and classes are okay too... :)
Also, I'm no longer dating Sean... now I'm dating his friend Mikkel! haha... funny how that works out, huh. This is Mik:Since being to school I have done a few really fun things! A few weeks ago some friends and I drove over to Spokane one evening to go meet up with our friend who attends Gonzaga and went to a concert at the Spokane Fair. It was a Josh Gracin concert. He was a very good live singer! I was impressed...Then we went back to drop of our Gonzaga friend. While there we (as in I) decided to be the crazy Mormon running around a Catholic campus taking lots of dumb pictures! It was great! Here I am with good ole Bing!

Another fun adventure was going to Seattle this past weekend with my Mom and sisters!!! We met up with our Aunt and Uncle and had a wonderful time!!!! We played all day on Friday, and on Saturday went shopping. Then, the best part of it all, we went to WICKED!!!!! It was absolutely amazing!!! I loved it soooo sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo soooo much! Basically that is what I have been up too... Life is good, school is great! It's just kind of weird to think that I'm a sophomore in college... But hey! I'm not complaining! :)