Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Make My Momma Happy...

So this is going to back tracking a bit, but that's okay! So my momma told me that if I have my own blog, I had better put all the stuff that I've doing and everything cool that has been happening to me on here to show off to friends and family. As some of you may know, last month I was the United Dairyman of Idaho Distinguish Student Award recipient. (That's a mouthful!) I didn't make my blog until after I received that Award and never posted the little video clip that Local News 8 did highlighting me. But my momma, being a typical Mother, has been pestering me to put it on here. In order to appease her, I decided that I may as well just do it. But then I realized that I have no clue how to put a video on my blog!!! So this will just have to do for anyone who would like to see it. I think this link will take you straight to the video on the KIFI-TV's website.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's all About the Leadership!!!

As many of you know, I am extremely involved in the FFA. Through this program, I have learned so much. In fact- it has changed me from that shy little girl in corner to ME! If you know me, then you know I love who I am, and have high self-assurance. Well two weekends ago, the FFA held their 27th Annual State Leadership Convention. At this even I participated in two events. The first of which was Parliamentary Procedure. I was the chairman, and I absolutely loved it. In my opinion, our team rocked!! At state, we brought out top level performances in both the preliminary round, and the final round in stage with an audience of 1300 FFA members and guests. It was intense!!! Our team had nailed everything just right- we had done near perfect!!! When it was time for the awards and placings to be announced the final four teams were all lined up on stage awaiting the moment of truth. As they began to read the results I held my breath. This was Rigby's year to win- we were the team to beat. In fourth place... Troy High School!!! In third place....

Yes that's me on the front with my team and Advisor behind me. As you can clearly tell we were shocked with the results. Rigby High School had taken third place in Parliamentary Procedure. It's really not a bad place to get, really we were honored- we had just expected more due to our awesome performance. All I have to say is- first place team you must be AWESOME!!!! You would have had to given a perfect presentation. I hope you do very very well at Nationals!
The second team I participated on was the Agricultural Sales CDE. I was in the customer prospecting pool, and placed 5th high individually. Our team overall placed 3rd. We were very proud of ourselves. (This was the first Ag Sales team Rigby has had in like 15 years!) So we totally did awesome! Thanks to Mrs. Peterson, our student teacher who trained us!
Another highlight of going to the State Leadership Convention was, of course making new friends! There will unfailing be a new friend for you where ever you go- the only challenge is finding that potential friend. At SLC I was able to meet tons of my new friends. This is me and Clay at a restaurant with Sammi and J.P. (basically I posted this picture to bug Clay- Ha ha!!!)

The place where I meet most of my new friends through Officer Candidate Sifting. That's right... this year I ran for a State FFA Officer position. Going through the process I met so many great people, and new friends! Everyone was so enthusiastic, personable, and amazing! When it came to the first cuts, I was sad to see the 7 people go, and was excited to continue the journey with the 9 remaining. It was interview after interview, after tiring interview- but it was soooo fun!!! The nominating committee was just great!!! Finally, the last day came, and the results were to be announced in the Saturday morning session around 10:30 or 11:00 ish. The final interviews went from 8:00 to 10:00 ish. It was sooo nerve racking!!!

I can very vividly remember how my stomach felt sick as a waited so nervously in the back of the auditorium for the time for the Nominating Committee to announce the results of officer sifting. Finally it came that defining time. "The Sentinel for the 2008-2009 year from... Genesse- Kristen Myers!!!" announced the Nom Com Chairman. We all squealed in delight as the old sentinel grabbed Kristen and ran with her to the front of the auditorium. 5 more offices to be announced... 8 remaining candidates all squeezed each others hands. "Your new 2008-2009 State FFA Reporter from the Rigby Chapter... Laura Ann Clark!" My heart leaped as I realized - HEY, THAT'S MY NAME THEY JUST CALLED!!! I jumped forward an the old Reporter grabbed my arm and ran me up to the stage. It was sooo cool!!! I was ecstatic- the sick feeling gone now, and replaced by that bubbling joy!

This next year is one that I am looking forward to with great anticipation. Its my year to shine as the State FFA Reporter. Also I am thrilled to serve my favorite organization with the fine group of officers who will be accompanying me on my leadership journey. Wish me luck!!! Here is the 2008-2009 Idaho State FFA Officer Team!!!

Back Row: Stephen Parrot from Filer, State Vice President; Katie Mosman from Nezperce, State Secretary; Kristin Myers from Genesse, State Sentinal; Whitney Tuckett from West Jefferson, State Treasurer.
Front Row: Kelsey Day from Madison, State President; ME! Laura Ann Clark from Rigby, State Reporter.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conforming to the Masses

So everyone is getting these nifty blogs! First my cousins, then my Aunts, then my sister, then my brother, then even my mother!!! I sure hated to feel left out... Plus I'll be off to college by the end of this summer, and I'd hate to not be involved with keeping up with the whole family!!! Maybe I'll even find something interesting to post! But until I find that interesting thing, this small post will have to do...