Monday, May 4, 2009

Theta Chi Cruise

This weekend I had sooo much fun! One of the fraternities up here, Theta Chi, had a function this weekend called Cruise. We went to Couer d'Alene and goofed around for a while. Then we changed and got all dressed up for the evening. Our group went out to dinner at this Japanese place called Bonsai Grill. It was pretty interesting, and very tasty. Then we boarded our boat at the Couer d'Alene resort and cruised the lake. Meanwhile, the DJ played music and we danced all night! Here are some pictures!

Here Sarah and I are after getting ready and previous to being wind blown and getting rained on! Unfortunately it rained for most of the day, but we still made it up to the upper deck for a while, it was a little chilly! Good thing the lower deck is closed in!

This is a picture of all of the girls from my house that got asked to Theta Chi Cruise. There are a lot of us! (must mean we're a pretty awesome group of girls! :D)

This is Mason, my Big Bro in the Greek System. He is super cool! I work with him too! We're attempting to look gangster! haha, funny funny!

This was my date, Davey. We were set up so we didn't really know each other, but we still had fun!
This is all the other girls in my group. All from my house, Kappa Alpha Theta! YAY! Overall, it was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun cruisin' the lake in Couer d'Alene! :D