Monday, March 9, 2009

Laura Ann Update!

So I once again have failed in keeping this thing updated very well, but I try occasionally! I figure that not everyone knows whats going on with me, so here is just a little update!

This last week I officially switched my major. It was formerly Agriculture Industry Management and Communications, and now it is Business Management and Human Resources with the emphasis in Human Resources, and I'm am still getting my minor in Public Relations.

FFA stuff is keeping me really busy this month. My spring break is next week (14th-22nd) and for most of it I will be in Oregon attending there State FFA Conference, and helping out with events, and I also get to be a workshop presenter. I'm really excited for that!!! Also, a month from today will be the kick off of the Idaho FFA State Conference- YIKES! I'm currently busy memorizing my parts of our three day 65 page script, award and degree ceremonies, and my retiring address speech. I'm even more excited for that. Also, this last weekend I attended the DECA State Conference as a workshop presenter and chaperon. (I feel so grown to say that! haha) It's been lots of fun!

Also, I am trying to get really involved here at the University of Idaho! Currently I am serving as the parliamentarian for the ASUI Senate. ASUI is the student government here at the U of I. It stand for the Associated Students of the University of Idaho. It's a lot of fun to be parliamentarian, and I love using parliamentary procedure. But of course, being parliamentarian I don't get to talk and debate, and voice my opinion. So this semester I am running for senate! I don't actually get to start campaigning yet, but I'm excited to start after spring break!

Other than that, I am just your typical college student who goes to class, goes to work, tries to get enough sleep, and does homework while playing on facebook all day!