Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun Weekend!

So this past weekend I went on a fun little road trip! My boyfriend, Sean, and I went to Salt Lake City for his mission president's homecoming!
We took off on Saturday afternoon after Sean's dance competition at BYU-Idaho, and drove non-stop. When we got to Salt Lake we went to his Aunt's house. We had talked forever, got acquainted, and had dinner. After that we went to my cousin Bethani and her husband Darnell's house just a mile away. We got to see there cute new home they bought not to long ago and chatted with them for a while.
Then we met up with one of Sean's old mission buddies for the evening. On our back to my cousin's house for the night, we got off a wrong exit, then our handy-dandy GPS re-routed us on what had to be the LARGEST loop of all the highway systems in Salt Lake City. Finally, we got it right and made it back to Bethani's house a half an hour later than what we should have.
The next morning we got up, dressed up, and set off to find the church building in Holladay, Utah, where his mission president would be speaking. We arrived about an hour early, to find MANY return missionaries already filled the foyers. I just kind of stood back and let Sean run around like a little boy at a candy shop- so excited to see everything/everyone he loved for two good years of his life. Occasionally he would grab my hand and use me as eye candy for all his single R.M. friends to be jealous of. haha!
It was so much fun to see about 50+ missionaries from the Washington D.C. South Mission come to support there Mission President and see him again as he returned home. My favorite part was when they had all the missionaries present stand up and sing "Called to Serve" for the full overflowing sacrament meeting.
Overall- it was a super fun weekend meeting so many people and just hanging on Sean's arm. The car ride was a lot of fun too! Not only did we get to talk a lot, but singing some of our favorite songs at the top of our lungs with the windows down was great! (I'm talking songs from Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, and some A Capella CD).
Now if only I didn't forget my camera to take some pictures..... I'll have to work on that... haha

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Babysitting Adventure

The other day all the family went to the Idaho Falls Temple to be with Kylee, my brother Adam's wife, as she went through the first time. Meanwhile, Rachel and I had babysitting duty. We too the two little munchkins out to a fine dinner at Wendy's, then went and played at the park. We took just a few pictures of them enjoying dessert, and they made me laugh. So I thought I'd share the joy of kids and frostys.
Tanner enjoying licking the spoon

Kailynn still eating her fries

Here Tanner is really getting into licking his spoon, and Kailynn is putting fries in the frosty. Most of the time she would just drop them in it for us to find later. Some she actually ate.

Tanner eating a fry he found in the frosty, thanks to his darling cousin.
It was a pretty interesting time taking these two out for dinner. Maybe too much work... but wee had a fun time, and lots of laughs. So did everyone else in Wendy's that evening.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Update!

Since being home from school it seems like life has slowed down a bit, so I fail at updating my blog.(Also, I lost my camera battery, but finally got a new one today!) But now that a few things have happened, maybe I can give a quick update!
First of all, I'm unemployed. That's what happens when you are home for just 3 months in a tough economy. Well, I guess I'm working on the farm still, so I can say I'm employed by Clark Farms. Yay for raking and hauling hay! :D

Next, I do miss the FFA a lot, and it makes me sad that I'm a has been. haha!

Also, my birthday was June 21st, Fathers Day, and I turned 19! It's weird to think I'm almost 20. haha!

And finally the most exciting thing.... I have a boyfriend! YAY! Finally some fun for the summer! His name is Sean Rochford. He is from Montana (and is oddly convinced it's the best place on earth... hmmm...) He is a returned missionary of the Washington D.C. South Mission, and currently a student at BYU-Idaho. We met at country dancing a few weeks ago. He's a great guy, and a lot of fun!

This is us before we went dancing last night. :D Aren't we just adorable.... haha!

Anyways, that it basically summer so far. Before long I'll be headed back to Moscow for my Sophomore year! YAY!